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BIMnD experts in 3D laser scanning and BIM

Together with our customers and partners, we ensure greater control over real estate from the initiative phase through to delivery and use. This is based on the following principles.

Start with the right base. Are you going to transform, renovate, maintain and/or manage real estate? We ensure that the existing situation is accurately mapped through the use of high-end 3D laser scanners that measure your property with millimetric precision.

Use BIM to optimise your processes. Together, we ensure that you get the maximum return from your design, construction and management processes through the use of BIM (Building Information Model). We help companies with the transition from CAD to BIM and take care of BIM coordination and Clash checks

Ensure optimal experience and understanding through the use of 3D and VR. Bring your designs to maximum advantage and take your customers, stakeholders and decision-makers on a virtual journey. We take care of appealing renderers, 360 degree impressions and complete virtual tours.



If you have a question about 3D scanning or the elaboration, you can reach us via the links below.


We have already been able to carry out many different projects for our clients who are active in residential construction, non-residential construction, infrastructure, installation technology, industry and government. Below you will find some of these projects. If you have a question about a certain type of assignment that you would like to know more about, we will be happy to assist you. Contact us here.

3D Laser Scanning (Point Cloud) for Renovation of Canal Cellars in Utrecht!

3D Laser Scanning (Point Cloud) for Renovation of Canal Cellars in Utrecht!

Pointcloud Analysis: Does my BIM model match the as-built situation?

Often, a BIM model of the existing condition is created based on historical drawings, but the question always remains: is it accurate?

Digital twin ( bim) Premium hotel Pullman Eindhoven Cocagne.

To create a digital twin, BIMnD measured the Pullman Eindhoven Cocagne hotel in 3D and converted it to a 3D BIM in Revit.