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BIMnD your partner for 3D measurement, modelling, model control and BIM consultancy

When we talk about BIM, we talk about Building Information Model or Building Information Management. Information about the construction and a building is therefore integral. By having the right information at the right time, well-founded decisions can be made, which should lead to the sustainable and efficient design, construction, sale/rental and use and management of a building.

Build and apply BIM knowledge in practice

Before starting a business with BIM, you must first know what BIM is, what the possibilities are and what the preconditions are. Then you can set the goals you want to achieve with BIM. You do this based on discussions with the various disciplines within your company and with your customers and suppliers. If that is clear, you need to record what information you need at what point in time in order to achieve these goals. And, of course, what resources you need to be able to generate, consult or process this information. All this is then recorded in a BIM manual that serves as a basis for implementation in practice.

Setting up and adapting BIM models for different applications

The great power of a virtual building model compared to traditional 2D drawings is that it contains information that can be used directly for many applications. Clash detection, calculation, virtual planning, energy performance analyses, facility management, maintenance management and much more. We can build complete virtual buildings or building components based on 2D drawings. Or adapt/supplement existing virtual buildings with additional information so that they are suitable for various applications. In addition, we can test the quality of virtual building information against specific conditions laid down in the BIM manual.

3D measurement and virtualisation of existing real estate

BIM not only offers added value for buildings yet to be developed, but also, and above all, for existing real estate. Whether it is renovation, restoration, renovation or maintenance, management or facility management, BIM offers a huge added value here. With our advanced laser scanners and software, we can translate existing buildings into a BIM model according to the standards laid down in the BIM manual.

Property information and presentations for sale and/or rental

BIM models are also extremely suitable for sale and rental purposes, so all information about surfaces and quantities can be generated at the touch of a button and potential buyers and tenants can get a very good insight into the proportions and possibilities of the building using the 3D model.